Catalyst 2015
Catalyst 2015
Rolling In The Deep
Lindsey Dominguez

 Battle Of The Sexes
 Kimba Henderson

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 The Bible Revealed: Secrets of the New Testament
 Dink Toller

A look at the culture, history, and archaeology surrounding the events of the Bible. We will discover together many truths God has that will help us connect and know our Creator in a more complete and intimate way.

 Restore My Soul
 Mike Hill, Veronica Bracamontes, Bree-Anna McCalley

Whether you are a 20-year old disciple, someone studying the bible or a first-time visitor, you’ll benefit from the insight provided in this class. Through scriptures, personal testimonies and a question-answer session, we aim to show how relying on God's spirit and His word on a more intimate level, rather than our own strength, will restore you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

 Be Still My Soul
 Bernardo Mendoza & Angela Williams

How do we as singles maintain and maximize our connection to God in this modern world? Join us as we explore how this age of technology, instantaneous communication and social media provide some unique opportunities and challenges for us as singles to knit our souls to God.

 Healing During Times of Loss
 David McKee, Monica Martinez

Would you like to discover ways to process the grief you have been told to pray on? Take the journey of converting those painful and difficult life experiences into manageable and self-controlled life steps toward feelings of celebration and gratitude. Gain a more in-depth appreciation of the positive things about your experiences and a less painful way to look at the losses you have experienced in life.

 Remember Your First Love
 Jason Raine, Houri Khandani

Even as disciples, we can lose the fire in our relationship with God or forget our relationship with Him. This class hopes to help us find that spark again and maintain the most fulfilling relationship with the Lord.

 Fix Your Eyes on Things Above
 Seth Jensen, Betty Collins

We have all heard that we need to “fix our eyes on things above.” Truth be told, it can be hard to do. How do we fix our eyes on things above while balancing our daily demands? Join us as we discuss how to live lives in which we are continually refreshed by keeping our eyes on God.

 It Is Written
 Cesar Hernandez, Laura Martinez

This class will delve into a deeper understanding of the nature of God through His Word, utilizing the scriptures to connect with, learn “new” truths about and more deeply comprehend God’s nature. Let it be Written…to Protect. Let it be Written…to Provide. Let it be Written…to Commission.


 The Bible Revealed: Living the Life
 Dink Toller

This class will explore the culture of the people in the time of the Bible to help us refresh and build a lifelong relationship with God and His people.

 Remain in Me
 Marshall Mead